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This article by Jordan was originally published on FOMO Bones. Every year, we see a new collection of pet trends flooding social media, local pet stores, and the Global Pet Expo—and 2019 is certainly no different. We’re seeing a ton of new age ideas that are going to completely change the way you and […]

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Meet One Of My Furry Lovebugs

This love is and was so special to my family. He was compassionate, smart, loving, a big cuddle-er, and the best companion to my mom. He always had an eye out for her and it made me feel comforted, in a way. He gave so much love and laughter to my family. He was funny and deserved the best in life. All of our fur loves do. They are truly kind heart-ed beings. They give their best to humankind and they deserve our best in return. I smile just thinking of him and I miss him every day. I know there are so many loves out there who need great care (and who have great people in their lives) and that’s what my business, Millennial Manhattan Pets, is all about: giving them our love! So…without further ado…I introduce to you…Rubin, our Rhodesian Ridgeback!

Rubin Wrinkle Forehead

Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs can sometimes get a bad rep, but seriously…they’re the best. I have always had a special place in my heart for rescue dogs. Humans can be so cruel. How could we cast aside our pets? Or leave animals to suffer alone? Euthanize them simply because someone doesn’t “own” them and end their lives unnecessarily because…we don’t have enough…space? Seriously? This is making me tear up just writing the words. Dogs give so much love. They spread sunshine. They greet you with a wag, a jump, and spread their joy all over the place! They look at you with such love in their eyes. They constantly give love to anyone and everyone. How can we cast them aside so horribly? It’s absolutely wrong. I love dogs. I love ALL dogs.

When I set out as a dog walker it wasn’t my goal to walk primarily rescue dogs, but somehow that has happened, and they have melted my heart. I didn’t search them out, but they found me! For the most part, the rescue dogs that I walk have been better behaved than the dogs who were not rescued. This is not anything against owners who bought dogs from breeders, etc. (our dogs were, too, when I was a kid), but simply an observation. There are many wonderfully behaved dogs out there who were bred, and I love all of them equally, but I wonder if rescue dogs know they’ve been rescued; or if they know their new human needed them, so they rescued each other. Whatever the answer is, I know one thing: humans have a responsibility to take the best care possible of their animal loves. They are often times at the mercy of humans, and therefore it is our job to do our best for them. When humans open our hearts and give love and compassion, we can do great things. So…maybe it has to do with WHO is more inclined to rescue a dog. Either way, they are fabulous furry loves who truly deserve the best, so we should give it to them each and every day! For now I’m only able to walk other peoples’ dogs, unfortunately, but when I can…watch out pet shelters because I’ll be there!

Dog Walker Chronicles: Who Could Deny The View?

As I stated in my last post, I dog walk to make money, but I also do it because it provides me a sense of serenity in this city. Who could deny how beautiful nature is? I’m from two extraordinarily beautiful places (Northern California and Colorado), so I relish the opportunity to get out in nature and enjoy the peace when I can. Living in the big city I don’t have many opportunities to do that, but I take them when I can. Today could not have been a more beautiful day. Today I just want to take a moment and relax, no format, just free thinking writing, and show you the beauty that was our walk today…and the super cute doggo in my care enjoying the views…:) Happy looking and I hope you enjoy fall as much as I do…:) Even the dog is enjoying the view…or maybe she’s just interested in a jogger passing by, lol. 🙂


Dogs Are The Greatest!

Hello everyone! I wanted to jot down a few thoughts about these loveys today. As I stated before, I’m a dog walker in NYC. It hit me like a brick while out walking this super sweet lovebug today (who I have the joy of walking several times per week and her owners are awesome). Dogs are such great gifts to us. They truly know how to live in the moment and they make us do the same. They make us laugh, cry, smirk, and everything in-between. They each have distinct personalities. She’s definitely no stranger to that! She’s hilarious and has a ton of personality. Well, getting to the point: they force us to get out and explore the world. They sniff everything. They check out everything. They say hello to everyone. They force us to be social because that’s who they are and by proxy we become more involved in the world around us…or we find nature and have time to live in our own little world with them because we do it to take care of them…which is, in turn, taking care of ourselves.

Self care is super important. Often times I’m not as great at it as I should be. I’m sure many of us feel that way, but today it really hit me: being outside, by the river, in a beautiful park while getting some exercise and taking care of someones doggo was just the thing that I needed today. It provided me the opportunity to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of midtown NYC, let go of the frustration of crowded streets and ducking in and out between people to get where I need to go, and to feel some freedom. For an hour or so I felt liberated from my own problems and anxieties. I was forced to and I fully appreciate that because it’s such an awesome outlet. I loved taking in the sights. At this point in my life, being an actress and having several jobs, I’m not able to have a dog of my own. My lifestyle is too nomadic and chaotic to do right by my own pets, so I take care of other peoples. I love getting to be with cute doggies. They truly give so much love to the world. It feels great to give to them! So…go play ball with your doggies, take them for a walk, say hi to your neighbors while you’re at it, and get out in nature…it’ll be so worth it! 🙂IMG-0296


What Kind of Dog Is Right For You?

What Kind Of Dog Is Right For You?

I’ve been a dog lover since the age of eight years old, and I certainly have my own thoughts on which kinds of dogs I prefer…in the end I love them all, but I do prefer the larger breeds. Now…if I had it my way I’d have my own sanctuary or something of the kind that would benefit all dogs that are having trouble being adopted or who have been abandoned. Who knows, this may happen in the future. It saddens me to no end to think of any animal being put down unnecessarily and alone in the world. They all deserve to be loved in return, and they are the best at loving. Now, to my next point: how can we give our dogs the best life possible? Here are some of my tips as a dog walker in NYC…have fun reading!

  1. Make sure that your apartment or home (especially if you live in a cramped city like NYC) is a suitable space for a pet. A lot of NYC spaces are very small and truly only suit one being comfortably. Although it may work great for you, that doesn’t mean it will be ideal for your pet. Bigger dogs need room to exercise and romp around during the day when you’re not there. Think about it: your dog will be staying indoors at your home for the entirety of the time you’re working, out with friends, etc. That is probably very monotonous and could lead to depression in dogs. When they’re depressed they often become unruly and develop bad behaviors because they’re not happy, just like humans! So…make sure that you have a big enough space depending on the size of the dog you’re interested in. This leads me to my second point.
  2. Socialization. Although NYC is not a very large dog friendly kind of place, there are ways of providing a great life for your lovebug if you’ve got the funds to do it. All of my family pets have had the opportunities to live in places in the foothills, free to roam on our land, and plenty of open space to play with and explore. Our Rhodesian Ridgeback had a best friend who lived in the same neighborhood! The two of them would play and romp together for hours on end. They were inseparable! Two big doggos wrestled and played all day and came in pooped in the evening several days per week, at least. My mother worked long hours daily, so she would drop our dog off at his friends’ house or vice versa so that he would get exercise and be social. He was such a happy dog because the owners made it a great time for the two puppers! Now, what NYC’ers can do is this: investigate doggy daycare ideas. There are so many of them in the city and they are in very high demand. I recommend finding one that will take the dogs to the park sometimes, and that will supervise them responsibly throughout the whole time. This playtime and interaction can help to mitigate the difficulty of living in the city with a dog, as they will feel loved while you are out making a living and cuddling at home with them in the evening! Another service you can look into is dog walking. Wag and Rover are two of the most popular dog walking services, they’re great, and signing up is very easy. You can even search for dog walkers on the site for Rover and choose one based on their price and profile! I highly recommend this option as well. Just be sure that you meet your dog walker first to make sure that this is the right person for you and your dog! Plus…depending on the walker your dog may get more exercise and love than with another walker, so meet and greets are very important. Although, given a choice between the two, I’d look into doggy daycare at least several days per week first.
  3. Make sure you look into the different breeds before deciding. Some dogs’ typical habits make apartment life more difficult or less than other breeds. Their energy levels can vary as well. Some bark more than others, too. Our Rhodesian hardly ever barked!
  4. On a more personal note, I want to see every doggy and kitty get adopted out there, so the first place that I, personally, would go would be the shelters. No matter the breed, you might just find your best friend there. Many shelter dogs are the biggest lovers I’ve ever walked/met and I’ve walked a good amount of dogs. With the right training and care they can become the best behaved loveys. Yes, I also call them all my loveys. 🙂 It’s almost like they know they’ve been rescued…or is it them that are rescuing us?

As always, please be careful when selecting your pet. There are always possible dangers, so please be careful with pets and kids, etc. Also…have fun!

Sophie and Angus

So, funny story…as a kid I was terrified of dogs. I mean, you couldn’t even get me anywhere near them. Their barking was loud and scary, they would always come towards me, they seemed so big and waaaaay too excited. I was also terrified of…people in costume. Fast forward 24 years and…I’m an actress/singer and dog walker living in NYC with my own pet product business. Really? How does that happen? Two words: Angus and Sophie.

As a kid I came to like Toto from The Wizard of Oz. After school some days my brother, his friend Blake, Blakes’ sister Mary, our parents, and I would go to the park down the street from our school in San Francisco…and Angus was in tow with their family. He was a cute, sweet, little Toto kind of dog and I was smitten. Mind you, I didn’t like any other dogs, but Angus reminded me so much of Toto that I couldn’t help myself. He really was adorable and he helped me to realize that not ALL dogs were so frightening. Fast forward a couple of years…and Sophie came into the picture.

Sophie (aka Pink Girl as she was called by the woman we got her from), was too sweet not to take home with us. My mom and I went to pick out a dog when we moved to Colorado (such a fitting place to have my first dog!). We had decided on a standard poodle as a breed, in part because of their lack of shedding. Well, from the second we walked in that door when I was eight years old Sophie was our girl. She was so comfortable in my arms. There was no question that we resonated with her from the second we laid eyes on her, and she with us. I was never the same after that. It was a magical thing for me and my brother, having our first dog. We couldn’t get enough of her. She was funny, smart, independent, loving, and soooooo mischievous. There were so many wonderful stories about Sophie that I will never forget…stay tuned and I may share some of them here. 🙂 Please, feel free to share your stories with us as well! We want to hear all about them!