Sophie and Angus

So, funny story…as a kid I was terrified of dogs. I mean, you couldn’t even get me anywhere near them. Their barking was loud and scary, they would always come towards me, they seemed so big and waaaaay too excited. I was also terrified of…people in costume. Fast forward 24 years and…I’m an actress/singer and dog walker living in NYC with my own pet product business. Really? How does that happen? Two words: Angus and Sophie.

As a kid I came to like Toto from The Wizard of Oz. After school some days my brother, his friend Blake, Blakes’ sister Mary, our parents, and I would go to the park down the street from our school in San Francisco…and Angus was in tow with their family. He was a cute, sweet, little Toto kind of dog and I was smitten. Mind you, I didn’t like any other dogs, but Angus reminded me so much of Toto that I couldn’t help myself. He really was adorable and he helped me to realize that not ALL dogs were so frightening. Fast forward a couple of years…and Sophie came into the picture.

Sophie (aka Pink Girl as she was called by the woman we got her from), was too sweet not to take home with us. My mom and I went to pick out a dog when we moved to Colorado (such a fitting place to have my first dog!). We had decided on a standard poodle as a breed, in part because of their lack of shedding. Well, from the second we walked in that door when I was eight years old Sophie was our girl. She was so comfortable in my arms. There was no question that we resonated with her from the second we laid eyes on her, and she with us. I was never the same after that. It was a magical thing for me and my brother, having our first dog. We couldn’t get enough of her. She was funny, smart, independent, loving, and soooooo mischievous. There were so many wonderful stories about Sophie that I will never forget…stay tuned and I may share some of them here. šŸ™‚ Please, feel free to share your stories with us as well! We want to hear all about them!

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