Meet One Of My Furry Lovebugs

This love is and was so special to my family. He was compassionate, smart, loving, a big cuddle-er, and the best companion to my mom. He always had an eye out for her and it made me feel comforted, in a way. He gave so much love and laughter to my family. He was funny and deserved the best in life. All of our fur loves do. They are truly kind heart-ed beings. They give their best to humankind and they deserve our best in return. I smile just thinking of him and I miss him every day. I know there are so many loves out there who need great care (and who have great people in their lives) and that’s what my business, Millennial Manhattan Pets, is all about: giving them our love! So…without further ado…I introduce to you…Rubin, our Rhodesian Ridgeback!

Rubin Wrinkle Forehead

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