Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs can sometimes get a bad rep, but seriously…they’re the best. I have always had a special place in my heart for rescue dogs. Humans can be so cruel. How could we cast aside our pets? Or leave animals to suffer alone? Euthanize them simply because someone doesn’t “own” them and end their lives unnecessarily because…we don’t have enough…space? Seriously? This is making me tear up just writing the words. Dogs give so much love. They spread sunshine. They greet you with a wag, a jump, and spread their joy all over the place! They look at you with such love in their eyes. They constantly give love to anyone and everyone. How can we cast them aside so horribly? It’s absolutely wrong. I love dogs. I love ALL dogs.

When I set out as a dog walker it wasn’t my goal to walk primarily rescue dogs, but somehow that has happened, and they have melted my heart. I didn’t search them out, but they found me! For the most part, the rescue dogs that I walk have been better behaved than the dogs who were not rescued. This is not anything against owners who bought dogs from breeders, etc. (our dogs were, too, when I was a kid), but simply an observation. There are many wonderfully behaved dogs out there who were bred, and I love all of them equally, but I wonder if rescue dogs know they’ve been rescued; or if they know their new human needed them, so they rescued each other. Whatever the answer is, I know one thing: humans have a responsibility to take the best care possible of their animal loves. They are often times at the mercy of humans, and therefore it is our job to do our best for them. When humans open our hearts and give love and compassion, we can do great things. So…maybe it has to do with WHO is more inclined to rescue a dog. Either way, they are fabulous furry loves who truly deserve the best, so we should give it to them each and every day! For now I’m only able to walk other peoples’ dogs, unfortunately, but when I can…watch out pet shelters because I’ll be there!

Dog Walker Chronicles: Who Could Deny The View?

As I stated in my last post, I dog walk to make money, but I also do it because it provides me a sense of serenity in this city. Who could deny how beautiful nature is? I’m from two extraordinarily beautiful places (Northern California and Colorado), so I relish the opportunity to get out in nature and enjoy the peace when I can. Living in the big city I don’t have many opportunities to do that, but I take them when I can. Today could not have been a more beautiful day. Today I just want to take a moment and relax, no format, just free thinking writing, and show you the beauty that was our walk today…and the super cute doggo in my care enjoying the views…:) Happy looking and I hope you enjoy fall as much as I do…:) Even the dog is enjoying the view…or maybe she’s just interested in a jogger passing by, lol. 🙂