Dog Walker Chronicles: Who Could Deny The View?

As I stated in my last post, I dog walk to make money, but I also do it because it provides me a sense of serenity in this city. Who could deny how beautiful nature is? I’m from two extraordinarily beautiful places (Northern California and Colorado), so I relish the opportunity to get out in nature and enjoy the peace when I can. Living in the big city I don’t have many opportunities to do that, but I take them when I can. Today could not have been a more beautiful day. Today I just want to take a moment and relax, no format, just free thinking writing, and show you the beauty that was our walk today…and the super cute doggo in my care enjoying the views…:) Happy looking and I hope you enjoy fall as much as I do…:) Even the dog is enjoying the view…or maybe she’s just interested in a jogger passing by, lol. 🙂


Dogs Are The Greatest!

Hello everyone! I wanted to jot down a few thoughts about these loveys today. As I stated before, I’m a dog walker in NYC. It hit me like a brick while out walking this super sweet lovebug today (who I have the joy of walking several times per week and her owners are awesome). Dogs are such great gifts to us. They truly know how to live in the moment and they make us do the same. They make us laugh, cry, smirk, and everything in-between. They each have distinct personalities. She’s definitely no stranger to that! She’s hilarious and has a ton of personality. Well, getting to the point: they force us to get out and explore the world. They sniff everything. They check out everything. They say hello to everyone. They force us to be social because that’s who they are and by proxy we become more involved in the world around us…or we find nature and have time to live in our own little world with them because we do it to take care of them…which is, in turn, taking care of ourselves.

Self care is super important. Often times I’m not as great at it as I should be. I’m sure many of us feel that way, but today it really hit me: being outside, by the river, in a beautiful park while getting some exercise and taking care of someones doggo was just the thing that I needed today. It provided me the opportunity to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of midtown NYC, let go of the frustration of crowded streets and ducking in and out between people to get where I need to go, and to feel some freedom. For an hour or so I felt liberated from my own problems and anxieties. I was forced to and I fully appreciate that because it’s such an awesome outlet. I loved taking in the sights. At this point in my life, being an actress and having several jobs, I’m not able to have a dog of my own. My lifestyle is too nomadic and chaotic to do right by my own pets, so I take care of other peoples. I love getting to be with cute doggies. They truly give so much love to the world. It feels great to give to them! So…go play ball with your doggies, take them for a walk, say hi to your neighbors while you’re at it, and get out in nature…it’ll be so worth it! 🙂IMG-0296