Dog Walker Chronicles: Who Could Deny The View?

As I stated in my last post, I dog walk to make money, but I also do it because it provides me a sense of serenity in this city. Who could deny how beautiful nature is? I’m from two extraordinarily beautiful places (Northern California and Colorado), so I relish the opportunity to get out in nature and enjoy the peace when I can. Living in the big city I don’t have many opportunities to do that, but I take them when I can. Today could not have been a more beautiful day. Today I just want to take a moment and relax, no format, just free thinking writing, and show you the beauty that was our walk today…and the super cute doggo in my care enjoying the views…:) Happy looking and I hope you enjoy fall as much as I do…:) Even the dog is enjoying the view…or maybe she’s just interested in a jogger passing by, lol. 🙂